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    In a "nutshell"   

    Most of us today have access to cameras of some shape or form.  And we are all good at taking lots of photos or videos.

    However, have you ever wanted to do something with them and create a showreel for friends and family?  Add some effects and a sound track?

    Sure you do....  

    however, do you have the time and the tools available?  

    Here at the "Wee"showreel company we can do just that for you.

    See below for more information....

    For our commercial clients, we can create showreels of any of your business events.  

    Already got some "film" that requires enhancing by way of post production requirements, we can help there also.

    From updating "interview footage" to "presentations", 

    company website info videos, to youtube channel content.

    Keep It Simple

    Hours/days to produce

    The above shows a simple showreel made from still photos, with standard production transitions added, then we will show you the same files after our team has made some changes...

    A Complex Production

    Days/weeks to produce

    The more complex the edit or production requirement the longer it takes to create.  Twenty percent of the detail will take eighty percent of the time!  Getting the "sight and sound" right is complex.  We also use what's called layers to enhance the shows...

    Commercial Post Production

    Time based on brief

    Commercial post production can be complex, time consuming and detailed.  However, where some camera shots and sound may not be ideal, we can help to improve the final output.  This example had noise issues, problems with camera panning and zooming incorrectly, which were all rectified post production.

    Post Production Effects

    Complexity takes time!

    Just some examples of post production effects...

    Some of these can take from an hour or two, to days to get the effect right.




    I have been creating showreels for over 10 years.  This started with producing family films and as technology got better the ability to do more was made available.

    However, with today's smart phones, we can all create our own shows, however, most of these create videos using standard built in templates.  Here, we create output specific to you and your personality.

    For more information please contact me below.



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